Here is the proposed work summary for Camillus Highway this summer

Work Summary for upcoming 2019 construction season

Paving / Roadway

Old Semet (Overlay)
Skyview circle (Overlay)
Fairwood (Overlay)
Edgewood Gardens (Overlay)
Smoke Rise (Overlay)
Steele (Overlay)
Channing (Overlay)
Monte Vista (Overlay, Reconstruction, Drainage)
Van Alstine (Oil and Stone – Archstone Way to Devoe Road)
Little Farm (Oil and Stone)
ickerson South/Sunny field (Mansfield to Richards- Roadway Reconstruction, drainage)
Starksboro (Mill and Fill, Spot repairs)
Rolling Hills Road (Roadway Reconstruction, Vertical and Horizontal Alignment, Drainage) this may be a 2020 project

Drainage improvements

East Gate (Drainage piping, Paving repairs)
Sherwood (Robin Hood to High School System replacement) this will be a multi season project
Sydney and Male (2 Basins and Pipe)
Northway and Eastway (New Basin)
View Point Hammer Head (New Basin with outlet system)
Dickerson North (Basins)
Northway (Detention System)
Forrest way (System replacement) this may be a 2020 project
Germania (System replacement) this may be a 2020 project
Hall Road (Ditching)
Hornaday Outlet
Gillie Brook (Ditching, Cross Pipes)
Multiple Basin Repairs
James Ave (new piping in ditch)

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